Save Our Space

Save Our Space.  Save Your Space.


Courtesy of IDK


Dear Friends,


Space 55 Theatre Ensemble needs you!

We have received incredible support from the community so far!

We must raise an additional $3,000 to kick off our 2012-2013 season if we are to continue bringing you the original, cutting-edge and fearless theatre that you have come to expect from us.

How your $ helps

$10 – part of our power bill
$10 – paper towels and toilet paper.
$10 – water for the lobby
$15 – help keep the AC running
$20 – Cult of the Yellow Sign summon Cthulhu
$25 – costume for an actor
$55 – trash for the month
$2000 – rent for the month

More importantly, it’s been a tough summer for the theatre. And this fall we are in a particularly BAD cash crunch and very much need your help. S.O.S.! Save Our Space, keep theater alive in Phoenix and give its artists a safe and supportive home. Donate to support our 2012-2013 season today.


Space 55 is a place for everyone – actors, playwrights, visual artists, improvisers, musicians, dancers, performance artists and at least one naked magician. Over 200 individual performers and 80+ separate troupes have graced our stage since we opened our doors.


Space 55 is a hub for theatrical opportunity – actor training, new play development, performance opportunities open to literally anybody in our ridiculously popular 7 Minutes series, and world-premiere theatre.


We continue to champion outrageous, inventive theater, and our upcoming season, of over 115 performances, is once again filled with original work you won’t see anywhere else.


Save Our Space. Save Your Space.


We are a small 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible. We are asking for $10, $20 or whatever your generous heart can give. Spread the word! Help your favorite 55-seat, subversive theatre space, because we are planning some great things for Phoenix.



Peace, Love and Mayhem,


Shawna Franks


Space 55 Theatre Ensemble

Save Our Space
Courtesy of IDK