Space 55’s Season 14!

A Thanksgiving Song

November 28, 2019

Emily and Kendall invite their friend to Thanksgiving dinner, only to discover that he couldn’t care less about the holiday. Through original music and special guests, this heartfelt comedy is something for the whole family to gobble up!

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A Bloody Mary Christmas by Denny Guge, Shawna Franks, Jacque Arend, and Stacey Reed

Dec. 6-22, 2019

Ring in the holiday season with Space55’s annual bawdy Christmas play about a trio of boozy Sun City ladies trying to keep things flirty and festive as their world falls apart. NOTE: The shows for December 13-15 will feature the original cast of Shawna Franks, Jacque Arend, Stacey Reed & Richard Briggs!

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The Envelope Play by Beth May

Jan. 10-Feb. 2, 2020

What if science could tell you if your relationship was doomed to fail or fated to succeed? A young couple gets the chance to sneak a peek at their future. The only problem? They’re not on the same page about whether or not they should take a look. Directed by Bethanne Abramovich in collaboration with Howl Theatre Project.


Night Of The Chicken 3 by Carrie Behrens

Feb. 21-Mar. 15, 2020

Carrie Behrens’ Zoni-winning radio play series about a young girl dealing with the twin horrors of going to high school and being a Werechicken continue with the third installment in this popular, family-friendly series. Directed by Kim Porter.


Babalon by Paul Green

April 3-26, 2020

Rocket scientist Jack Parsons helped develop the technology that took America to the Moon. He was also a disciple of Aleister Crowley, performed magical rites with L. Ron Hubbard, and held wild occult sex parties in his Pasadena home. Based on a true story, Paul Green’s Babalon is a poetic and profoundly moving exploration of the strange, explosive forces that brought us into the Space Age. An Arizona premiere!



May 15-June 7, 2020