Down-Lo Solo: April Fools

Saturday, April 2nd at 10:30pm. Tickets $5 at the door.

“Down-Lo Solo” is Space 55’s solo performance showcase. This is a show that’s dedicated to solo acts- Be they monologues, one man/woman shows, performance art pieces, or indescribably hilarious comedy dits. One isn’t the loneliest number at “Down-Lo Solo”: It’s the only number that counts!

Theater is all about safety in numbers. Having the support of ensemble or partner to bounce off of. This isn’t the case at “Down-Lo Solo”- Our performers are up their all by their lonesome. It’s on their charms and talents alone that they will thrill you and chill you. Lone wolves, armies of one, superheroes without their sidekicks: That’s what you’ll see at this weekend’s “Down-Lo Solo”.

Featuring at “Down-Lo Solo: April’s Fools”:

-And more TBA!

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