First Friday Night Live! April

Friday, April 7th at 11:00pm.  Tickets $7 at the door.

First Friday Night Live is a monthly sketch comedy show, done in the style of SNL. Bringing together a local celebrity host, a musical guest, straight-from-the-headlines comedic news bites, and surreal sketches, its an evening of crazy comedy that you’ll never forget!

April’s show will be hosted by Paul Horner with musical guest Bacchus and The Demonsluts.

Featuring the talented FFNL cast:: Buck Newman, Jesse Abrahams, Ivan Chavez, Joobs, Hattie Hayes, Ernesto Moncada, Keyana Annette, Michael Twenty-three and Jamison McQueen.

The FFNL news desk with Buck Newman has been perfecting “Fake News” for six seasons. We do fake news correctly!

The comedy sketches for April are slanted left of center, as far left as we can go and still be in the even numbered zip codes:

* Russ Kazmierczak will make a special appearance as himself with a supporting cast of little people to schedule his lunch dates.

* What if you could stop a robbery just by quoting pulp fiction?

* What if you could stop smoking pot before it becomes too hetero-normative?

* What do alpha women and dogs talk about when no one is listening?

* If someone in the audience was a plant, would they fall down in a forest?

* Who do you want sitting on your lap for two years in a space capsule the size of a taxi?


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