The Storrs Objection: Sports

Saturday, April 25th at 10:30pm.  Tickets $5 at the door.

Local comedian Matt Storrs is known for bringing his law background to the stage, especially when fact-checking other comedians’ material after their sets. “The Storrs Objection” will now give Matt the opportunity to fact-check other comedians’ material DURING their sets. Along with this month’s co-counsel Genevieve Rice, Matt Storrs will rebut and rebuke comedians in the middle of a premise or punchline, throwing off timing and train of thought, and maybe starting a fight or two. “The Storrs Objection” is heckling with a wrecking ball.

This month comedians take on topics related to sports. some topics include: sports in the year 3000, endorsements and Huey Lewis and the News: Sports!

We will be joined by:

Eric Sobczak
Anwar Newton
Richie Martin
Roman Erik Grisby
Jimmie Whisman
Ali Musa
Michael Paul Kohn
Ryan Stalder

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