Space 55 Late Night Series

Every Saturday night at 10:30 p.m.; the schedule repeats every month.

  • First Saturday
    Hollis’s Traveling Tree House and Dance Party:
    Taking the tropes and cliches of classic children shows and giving them a very adult twist, “Hollis’s Traveling Tree House” tells the story of a boy named Hollis and his adventures inside his magical talking Tree House

  • Second Saturday
    Arcana Collective:
    An evolving cast of diverse performers take audiences on experimental theatrical journeys.

  • Third Saturday
    The What the F*ck! Variety Hour:
    The title says it all. Hosted by the lovely and talented Leslie Barton.

  • Fourth Saturday
    Down-Lo Solo Saturdays:
    “Down-Lo Solo” will be focusing entirely on local performers doing solo performances, monologues and performance art. Just one person, alone onstage, working without partners in crime or safety nets.
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