Call for Scripts: Dragons Harder – The Dark Matter

Space 55 is looking for short original scripts to be part of Dragons Harder – The Dark Matter. This show will be a new version of our successful Heyre be Dragons, showcasing Arizona playwrights, and will play in our May/June slot. The scripts should in some way explore the unknown, or address its existence. The unknown can be many things: thoughts, feelings, explanations for behavior, untold stories, secrets, and parts of the physical universe that don’t seem so physical.

If you’ve been to Space 55, you understand our resources; we’re small, fast, and low-budget, but we’ve found a way to put a car, an electrical parade, and a giant winged baby on stage. If it’s the right script, we’ll figure out something.

Length: priority consideration will be given to scripts that play ten minutes or less – last year some plays were two pages, others were fifteen. A couple were longer, but they were really good.

Deadline for scripts: March 1, 2015

Submit the script as a pdf, word, or final draft document along with the simple submission form to

Submission Form for Dragons Harder

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