12 Years of Alternative Theatre in PHX

7 Minutes of Bad Luck
July 13, 8pm. Tickets $10

Our no-holds-barred-anything-goes-variety-show! At each 7 Minutes show, we open our stage to local performers, who each get 7 minutes to do whatever they want. We don’t ask them what they’re going to do, and they don’t have to tell us. Each 7 Minutes show is just as much a surprise to us as it is to the audience!

Tickets can be purchased here.

7 Minutes in Heaven
2nd Base Edition. July 14, 8pm. Tickets $10

A PG-13 version of our anything goes variety show, featuring teen performers!

Tickets can be purchased here.

Summertime 7
Seven short plays by Arizona Writers
July 20 to July 29

Space 55 proudly presents Summertime 7, featuring seven 10 minute plays by Arizona Writers.


How to Quit Writing (for the Theatre) by Joe Bardin
Upstream by Monica Bauer
The Cellist by Ilana Lydia
Birthday Boy by Devon Mahon
The Lord’s Mercy by Ashley Naftule
Wandering, Whistling by Alex Tuchi
It’s Just a Movie by Forrest Vincent

Tickets can be purchased here.

Playing Games
by Brian Maticic
August 4-19.
A co-production with Brelby Theatre Company

“A play about life, love, and all of the sarcasm in between.”
Mel and Bryson keep their marriage alive in a unique way. Matt is pulled into their twisted games, and finds himself falling in love with Mel’s sister, Liz. Unfortunately for him, the family has a past that won’t stay hidden for long.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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