12 Years of Alternative Theatre in PHX

The Power of Punctuation by Natalie Margolin
Directed by Louis Farber
June 15 to July 1

Friendship, sex, and commas. Receiving its Off Broadway premiere in 2016, New York Times’ reviewer Laura Collins-Hughes described Margolin’s play as a “smart, well-acted play, clever at delineating competing demands: the emotional intimacy of friendship and the privacy required to develop, or even dream of, attachments elsewhere… It’s a surprisingly incisive take on a time of life when newfound sexual freedom and large quantities of alcohol can wreak havoc on your ability to judge what matters most.”

Featuring: Megan Holcomb, Monica Ramirez, and Sarah Schalick

Tickets can be purchased here.

Summertime 7
Seven short plays by Arizona Writers
July 20 to July 29

Space 55 proudly presents Summertime 7, featuring seven 10 minute plays by Arizona Writers.


How to Quit Writing (for the Theatre) by Joe Bardin
Upstream by Monica Bauer
The Cellist by Ilana Lydia
Birthday Boy by Devon Mahon
The Lord’s Mercy by Ashley Naftule
Wandering, Whistling by Alex Tuchi
It’s Just a Movie by Forrest Vincent


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