13 Years of Off-Kilter Theatre

Bad Hombres: Comedic Monologues from Beyond

by Guillermo Reyes
Directed by Dwayne Hartford
January 11 – February 3

Israel Jimenez plays outrageous characters in this tour-de-force set of comedic monologues. It’s the American border the way you’ve never seen it. A young man faces awkward first dates while avoiding deportation, chases his right-wing dad around town to sign paternity papers, and another faces jealousy at his first same-sex wedding, a Catholic school boy gets involved with Cholo, and a female impersonator meets a border patrolman in a tragic romance. (Warnings: Strong language, but fabulous attitude.)

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Night of the Chicken, The Venda Gram of DOOM!

by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Kim Porter
February 22 – March 17

Playwright Carrie Behrens returns with another episode of this Zoni award winning series — with new surprises, unexpected twists, and plenty of laughs for the whole family! As Andi struggles to keep her “fowl” condition from taking over her life, her friends and family become suspicious of her secret.

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‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore

by John Ford
Directed by Keath Hall
April 5 – 28

John Ford’s legendary and taboo play gets a modern facelift at Space 55. Follow the tale of two young lovers, Annabella and Giovanni as they, well…it’s kind of like Romeo & Juliet…but the ending is much, MUCH worse!

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be my little baby

by John Perovich
Directed by Ilana Lydia
May 17 – June 9

Johnny has endured years of homeschooling from his overprotective Mother while his sister Heather gets to go to school. Johnny finds relief with LaRue, an imaginary friend. When Heather’s boyfriend Bobby threatens to harm her and her best friend, Johnny turns to LaRue for advice that is literally out of this world. be my little baby is a world premiere dark comedy about acceptance, cowboys, and astral projection.

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