Castaway Karaoke Fund Raiser

Saturday, September 13 at 8:00pm.  Admission is $10 at the door.

Living in Arizona during the summer can feel like being stranded on a desert island (only without the cool breeze of the ocean, or the limitless supply of coconuts). You’re desperate to go somewhere else, ANYWHERE ELSE, but you’re trapped, far away from civilization, marooned by the elements. Maybe you even strike up an unhealthy friendship with an inanimate object. And then the summer ends and you finally leave your desert island of an house, an unshaven wreck, and have to awkwardly reintegrate yourself back into the “real world” again.

Trust us: we’ve all been there. We’ve been hiding from the heat, going stir crazy at home, just as much as you. And that’s why on September 13th, Space 55 celebrates the start of our newest season by throwing a Castaway Karaoke Party! Let’s all celebrate our return to civilization by doing it up big, Tom Hanks-style!

What to expect at this year’s season premiere mixer:

  • Castaway-themed karaoke!
  • Message in a Bottle haiku contest!
  • Build-Your-Own-Wilson stations!
  • Desert Island Disc Exchange: bring mixtapes of your desert island jams and trade them in for special prizes!
  • Adult beverages!
  • Free food!
  • A raffle with amazing prizes from local businesses!
  • A Castaway costume contest!
  • And super-secret surprises TBA!

Tickets are only $10 for a night of revelry so epic you’ll never want to leave the island!

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